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Directory of International phone cards

We carry over 900 prepaid phone cards. Choosing the right phone card with best rates for your need is sometimes hard to do. We created this phone card directory to help you choose cheap phone cards with best rates and quality. We divided into Asia phone cards, Africa Phone cards, and India phone cards Pakistan phone cards and Bangladesh phone cards. Please click on your desired phone card name to see the details of that prepaid card. You may also find more category/region of international phone cards such as Latin phone cards, Middle East phone cards, US-Europe Phone Cards, Local Access Phone cards, and International Call-back phone cards.

Asia Phone Cards

Africa Phone Cards

India - Pakistan - Bangladesh Phone Cards

Tawag Na Sa asia phone card
China Talk asia phone card
KTP Asia asia phone card
Pho asia phone card
Voice Asia asia phone card
Africa Direct africa phone card
African Dream africa phone card
Arabica africa phone card
Habari africa phone card
Turudi Africa africa phone card
STI Africa africa phone card
Africa Legend africa phone card
Africa New York africa phone card
Bonjour Benin africa phone card
Camel africa phone card
Extreme Africa africa phone card
Owali Gabon africa phone card
Sexy Africa africa phone card
Incredible India india phone card
India Smile india phone card
Indopak Special india phone card
Super Pakistan india phone card
Yes India india phone card

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